What is a treadmill ? Things you need to know when learning about Treadmill

You often hear about the Treadmill running phrase but still don’t know what is Treadmill exactly? Today, You will help you ask what Treadmill is? And share with you what you need to know when you learn about the Treadmill!

For those who are good at English or passionate about finding out, Treadmill is a pretty familiar word to them. However, according to statistics from Google, what is the Treadmill question? Is a pretty much-searched phrase in the Word market. This proves that there are many unknown friends Treadmill is what? And want to find out details about it. To help you better understand this question, here are some answers to what your Treadmill question is and send you what you need to know when you learn about Treadmill.

What is a Treadmill?

The treadmill is a device that helps us exercise and, more specifically, running in the home to help train and improve health. Currently, Treadmill is divided into two product lines: electric treadmill and treadmill. With an electric treadmill, it uses power + motor to move the running table, and the practitioner moves on the running table to practice. In contrast, the treadmill uses force running from the foot to move and pull the running table. Please refer to the detailed Treadmill samples at https://www.noraxon.com/our-products/kintread-pressure-treadmill

What is a Treadmill

Treadmill’s history

Currently, Treadmill is an exercise machine that offers many health benefits such as helping to lose weight, lose weight, or improve health … However, you may be surprised to know that the source is. The birth of this machine was invented to torture prisoners.

In 1818, British Knight and engineer William Cubitt invented the machine to correct stubborn and lazy prisoners. According to Cubitt, this machine is a giant cylinder with a cross-section design that is like a 24-pin gear; prisoners will have to step on these edges to crush or pump water for those others. If anyone cannot follow, they will slip off the machine and fall to the groove just below.
After about 8 hours of continuous hard labor, each prisoner moved more than 2km. If you think 2km is simple, you are mistaken, with extreme conditions in prison and under prison guards’ demands, it is a miracle that you survive these cases. This machine proved so effective that orders from the United States came to William Cubitt’s desk.

Treadmill's history

In 1824, prisoner James Hardie was the first person to use this torture machine at the New York state prison, in a report he wrote: “This machine is amazingly simple, its effect also makes it I admire my hat more. Without any shouting, they only know that the leper’s steps are slow if they don’t want to fall to the grain groove. ” Even so, the state government does not think this machine is suitable for the United States, partly because Americans still have a certain aversion to the British and their inventions at this time. Instead of continuing to use this unique torture machine, the federal government decided to test other forms of hard labor such as reaping, kicking or brick making.

Even so, this machine survived until the end of the 19th century in England before being eliminated because everyone had to admit it was too cruel. It was not until 1960 that Dr. Kenneth Cooper proved its great benefits to human health, along with a completely new design, that the treadmill could return to its history. Human. Currently, Treadmill is an indispensable training machine for many families.

Benefits when jogging on Treadmill.

Treadmill brings a lot of health benefits to our lives and can include:

– Help to improve the health of practitioners.

The treadmill is designed to support home fitness extremely effectively with specific benefits such as helping to reduce excess fat, helping the body to naturally firm or enhance endurance … In addition to jogging functions Nowadays, many models are designed to be versatile, supporting more exercises such as belly bending, massage, waist rotation or training with hand weights …

– You don’t need to worry about the weather.

Running outdoors means you will have to run in bad weather, such as heavy rain or hot sunshine. Running in the house with Treadmill, you can run anytime, any time What is the place without concern about weather conditions.

Benefits when jogging on Treadmill

Benefits of Treadmill

– Running on a safer machine.

Running with Treadmill will naturally avoid risks such as traffic accidents, environmental pollution or robbery …

– Adjust the slope and speed easily.

With a Treadmill, you can easily change the speed and slope while practicing to best suit your current health condition. Also, health parameters such as heart rate, calorie consumption … are updated continuously so you can also monitor and adjust the intensity of the exercise to best suit.

– The treadmill is quite handy.

When you own a Treadmill, you can run anytime and no matter what the weather is, late in the evening or early morning. Parents with young children will not have to worry about leaving the child alone at home when running outside.
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