Ten tricks for firmer buttocks

Magazines know exactly how to attract a woman’s attention when it comes to readership. They will use titles such as ‘’lift your butt in 3 easy steps’’ or ‘’get your 20-year but that is old’’. What they fail to address is the real story behind a bum that is saggy. Posture, eating habits, poor exercise choices, and faulty techniques are the main culprits of the butt-lowering epidemic. We can even blame it on ‘’haute couture’’ and their definition of a leg that is nice, which in my opinion, is less attractive than the shape of a Popsicle stick. Thank God I don’t get clients that are female want to look like that. However, I often get girls that complain about an ass’ that is flat (maybe their muffin tops misdirect the attention) and the ever so common ‘’fat ass’’. Yourself butt implants or liposuction, try other ‘’natural’’ alternatives before you get. With you are the last ones people usually tend to use if you have tried everything you can think of yet have always failed miserably, read on because the tips I’ll share. Why? A night of the thigh blaster because it takes a bit more commitment than 15 minutes.

What is the first thing that they tend to do when they decide to firm their arse up? Exercise!! And what do they do? Cardio!! Is it the right thing to do? Maybe! Now let me make myself clear, I am not trying to sell a book or a miraculous supplement, or trying to reinvent the wheel. It bugs me when I see people take a concept and tweak it around to call it their own. I have no time to try to think of how I can get your attention, or how to invent some principle that will get me on 20/20. I am too busy making people get results, reading and courses that are taking. Let’s cut to the chase. I do it if I want to obtain the fastest results, here’s how.

1. I make sure they eat protein at every meal. The equation is straightforward, no protein, no muscles. Your body will use its reserve that is own of to survive. What I have found is that the flesh that is first gone is the buttocks. As soon as I start incorporating proteins in the diet, muscle tonicity in the butt comes back.

2. Structural balance and posture. If you look at the position, those with no butt, have a flat back. Those with a big butt almost always have lordosis and a practically nonexistent abdominal integrity, and I won’t talk about that lordosis induced selfie of the back side profile pics. Exercise prescriptions have a lot to do with structural balance. Big glutes do not necessarily mean strong glutes, so never judge a book by its cover. Before you could do squats, deadlifts or any posterior chain mother exercises; you need to make sure that all surrounding muscles are up to par, ready to work hard and support the joints.

3. that it may be entirely your fault if you think you have a fat ass, you probably have a fat ass, and it’s sad to say. If you are sitting on it thinking that you may have to do something about it, while sipping on mocha soy late frappucino with Splenda, then get off of it and do something about it. Start by looking at what you put in your body before starting any activity. Taking out all sources of soy, wheat, sugar and refined carbs from your diet is going to make the difference that is biggest. You could see results in a matter of days.

4. Once everything is set up, new dietary habits are well established, and structural balance is restored to full knee flexion and function, I start incorporating full split squats, lunges and anything that is in the family that is unilateral. Why unilateral? Three reasons, it is hard as hell, very metabolically efficient and still works on the unilateral discrepancy that almost everyone has.

5. Supersets, giant sets, German body composition, drop games or body that is even simple exercises are excellent, as long as the proper range of motion is respected. Doing half squats will involve the glutes never more than full squats. High step ups will always recruit more muscle fibers than low step ups. I think one of the most common misconceptions for trainees or trainers is that they still believe that full range knee flexion will give them a knee injury in the long run.

6. THERE IS NO SINGLE PERFECT PROGRAM!!! They are all good as long as you change it up. I can never repeat it enough; doing the same program over and over again won’t give you the perfect bubble butt. The muscle stimulus is lessened due to adaptation, so change your plan periodically; it does the body well after 3 to 4 weeks.