Tragedy on Treadmill – Don’t be Subjective to Regret

Running on a treadmill is not as safe as you think! I used to share safety principles when running on a treadmill in the gym a long time ago to remind myself, and help people improve their safety awareness in the running.

You still don’t believe it and think you’re just worried about it?

A new tragedy happened with Dave Goldberg (CEO of Monkey Survey) that will make you think again. Dave Goldberg is the Facebook CEO’s husband Sheryl Sanberg, who died a 3 year ago by slipping from a treadmill in a resort in Mexico. Not much information revolves around Dave’s death, but it is likely that he only ran alone in the gym at that time. What a tragedy for this famous businessman when he was in danger because of the sport he chose to maintain health.

The treadmill is more dangerous than you think!

Every year in the United States alone, there are more than 10,000 people injured in treadmill. Thousands of people need medical treatment and the number of deaths is not small. In 2009, Mike Tyson’s 4-year-old daughter, the once famous boxing puncher, died from a treadmill-related accident. The recent accident Dave once again raises an alarm on the safety of the treadmill.

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Myself when running in the gym is always very focused and alert. Just a negligence of slipping when running at 6:00 Pace, the consequences will be very unpredictable: bang your head on the machine, dislocate your arms and legs, fracture.

Afraid of being scared but running, still have to run. Anything today contains dangerous risks. You need to follow the instructions for use and attention to avoid hurting yourself. Treadmill is no exception. As long as you keep in mind the safety and concentration guidelines when running (don’t look at the beautiful girls around), the risks will be minimized.

Refer to the following 8 tips for running on the machine below to raise your awareness of your loved ones when practicing in the gym.

1. Stay focused

Don’t distract yourself while running on the treadmill. Always be alert and alert to handle unexpected situations. If you just ran while watching TV, be careful more than.

If you see beautiful girls around, don’t be too distracted but lose your attention. If you want to watch, you will be spoiled for watching Yoga or Dance class. When running on the computer, you need to focus on keeping balance, avoid slipping and falling.

2. Check the Emergency Stop button

Always check whether the Emergency Stop button works well or not before running. Try it by opening the device slowly and then pressing the button to see if it automatically turns off. Waiting for the time to use it to know it doesn’t work, it’s too late.

3. Limit running alone

When running on a treadmill, always make sure you have lots of other things around so that when something goes wrong, someone will help you right away.

– Running in the gym has the advantage of always having a lot of people around: other trainees or gym staff.
– If you are traveling, and want to use the gym to maintain your form, make sure there are many other people practicing with you. Or you can invite your wife, lover to practice.
– If you have a treadmill at home, practice when there are family members at home.
– In the worst situation of having to run alone on the machine, make sure you have a phone within reach so you can contact your loved one when you need it.

Treadmill tips

4. Don’t run past the allowable capacity

Going to practice in California Gym, I see a lot of cases when the members adjust the machine speed to level 10 (Pace 6:00/km) or more so that they have to plug their heads like crazy. Do not understand is trying to prove “here we run fast” with beautiful girls or practice any lesson. Why do not know, only the risk of falling and falling very high?

Never try to run at a speed that is too fast for you. If you feel drowned and can’t keep up with the machine, slow down immediately. If you want to practice speed in the Interval run, go to the park or track in the stadium.

5. Pay attention to young children

If you have small children, make sure someone looks after them when you’re running on the machine. Do not let children get close to running machines, especially children under 10 years old. There have been many accidents with children related to running machines, many cases causing death. The accident of the 4-year-old daughter Mike Tyson I mentioned above is a tragic example of an accident happening to children.

6. Run in the front part of the conveyor

Always run from the middle to the front of the conveyor belt on the treadmill. Do not run at the end of the runway because then you will not be able to actively control the machine. In addition, you are at risk of slipping out of the machine, causing injury.

7. Stop the machine when you need to step down

If you need to step down from the machine while running, pause the device. Don’t step down from the machine when it’s running. This seems very obvious but I have seen a lot of dose people in the California Gym. Don’t play foolishly!

8. Get familiar with the device

If you’re new to the device, take the time to get used to it. Start running at low speed and low slope and increase gradually after a few weeks when you get used to it.

Similarly, if you switch from running off the road to running on the machine, don’t start right away with the familiar speed. Running on the machine is completely different from running on the street, not subjective to being injured.


I’m lucky to have no accident on the treadmill. However, brother wife had suffered an accident involving a running machine (slipping on the wrong treadmill running next to her). Fortunately, without any unfortunate consequences, just being a little bit shy.

Accidents can happen to anyone. Don’t be subjective with the treadmill, don’t regret it!